The VICTORIOUS Wallet Chain

The VICTORIOUS Wallet Chain



+ 270 Grams of .925 Silver

+ Well Made

+ As Seen on OPIE of SOA

+ Made In Los Angeles

+ 24 Inches Long

+ Comes with Detachable Wallet Connector

As seen on Opie of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ – Ryan Hurst, this Wallet Chain is Massive and Heavy with well-made individually soldered V22LA LOGO links! These links are wonderful links to wear because they won’t twist or kink like other styles of links will. This Chain weighs an impressive 270 Grams! It’s masculine and Rugged! The links are polished to perfection and will definitely last a lifetime. The detachable Clasp is a durable toggle clasp that is easily detachable in the event you do not want to wear it all the time, and is comes with the wallet clasp.

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